Driving in Style: All About Women's Leather Driving Gloves


Driving is a passion for many women. From going on road trips to daily commutes, women love to be behind the wheel. However, driving can be tough on the hands, especially during long drives. This is where women's leather driving gloves come in – they not only add a touch of sophistication to your driving style but also provide comfort and protection to your hands. In this article, we'll explore all about women's leather driving gloves, from their history to their benefits, and why they're a must-have for every female driver.

History of Women's Leather Driving Gloves

Women's leather driving gloves have been a fashion statement for over a century. They were first introduced in the early 1900s when driving was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Women would wear gloves to protect their hands from the elements and the dirt and grime that came with driving on unpaved roads. These gloves were made of leather or fabric and were often adorned with lace or embroidery to add a touch of femininity.

Benefits of Women's Leather Driving Gloves

Women's leather driving gloves offer several benefits for female drivers, including:

Comfort: Leather driving gloves provide a comfortable grip on the steering wheel, reducing hand fatigue during long drives.

Protection: Leather gloves protect your hands from the sun, wind, and other elements while driving.

Style: Women's leather driving gloves add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit.

Functionality: Many leather driving gloves are designed with touchscreen compatibility, allowing you to use your phone or car tablet without removing your gloves.

Types of Women's Leather Driving Gloves

There are several types of women's leather driving gloves, including:

Classic Driving Gloves: These gloves are made of soft leather and are designed to fit snugly on the hand for maximum grip on the steering wheel.

Fingerless Driving Gloves: Fingerless gloves are perfect for drivers who want maximum mobility and flexibility while driving. They also provide excellent ventilation, making them ideal for summer driving.

Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves: These gloves are designed with special materials on the fingertips that allow you to use your touchscreen devices without removing your gloves.

Fashion Gloves: Fashion gloves are designed to make a statement. They come in a variety of colors and styles, from bold and bright to sleek and sophisticated.

Women’s Driving Gloves in Fashion

Women's leather driving gloves have become more than just a functional accessory for driving, they have now become a fashion statement. Popularized by TV series like Emily in Paris, wearing leather driving gloves, whether fingerless or full-fingered, has become a trend that adds a touch of style to any outfit. At Fratelli Orsini, we offer an extensive collection of leather driving gloves for women in various colors and styles. Made from luxury lambskin leather and handcrafted in Italy, our gloves are well-made and of the highest quality, ensuring they will last you many years to come. With over 30,000 reviews and in business since 1998, Fratelli Orsini is the go-to place for your women's leather driving gloves, whether you're looking for a functional accessory or a fashionable addition to your outfit.


Are women's leather driving gloves only for driving?

No, women's leather driving gloves can be worn as a fashion accessory, as well as for driving.

Can I wear my women's leather driving gloves in the summer?

Yes, there are fingerless driving gloves that are perfect for summer driving. They provide excellent ventilation and flexibility.

How do I care for my women's leather driving gloves?

To care for your leather driving gloves, wipe them clean with a damp cloth and store them in a cool, dry place.

Can I use my touchscreen devices with my women's leather driving gloves on?

Yes, there are touchscreen-compatible gloves available that allow you to use your phone or car devtabletice without removing your gloves.


Women's leather driving gloves are the ultimate accessory for any female driver. They offer comfort, protection, style, and functionality, making them a must-have item in every driving outfit. Whether you're going on a road trip or just commuting to work, women's leather driving gloves are the perfect addition to your driving gear. So, invest in a good pair of leather driving gloves today and drive in style!

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