Nepal was hit by a terrible earthquake in 2015. Over 9000 people died and 3,5 million (!) people lost their home.

Help came from all over the world to Nepal for a short period. After this period the world focused its attention to new disasters, while the situation in Nepal is still terrible. There is foreign aid, but not enough.

The poverty and damage caused by the earthquake is a big problem for the people in Nepal. Lives of many children are ruined, opportunities for work are scarce.

We decided to help the children and young women who suffer from the earthquake and extreme poverty.

How are we helping?

We partnered with The Nepal Youth Foundation to help orphaned children and save young women from slavery and human trafficking. A lot of the children lost their parents during the earthquake.

The Nepal Youth Foundation builds a future for Nepalese children. They provide education, shelter, food and clothing. They teach the women a craft so that they can earn money and gain independence.

Our collaboration: Donating 1% of our profits

At Fratelli Orsini we protect our customers against the cold. We believe that everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable during the winter. This is what we want to offer the children and young women in Nepal.

The money we donate will help purchase warm clothes for the children and young women to wear during the winter.

Will you join us? From every purchase made at Fratelli Orsini we donate 1% of our profit to supporting the community of The Nepal Youth Foundation.

Every child in the village will get their own set of clothes to conquer the cold winter in Nepal. The remaining money is used to educate the children and to help the young women start their own businesses.

More information:

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